* Download the Duratuff Vinyl Cladding Brochure for information on features, benefits and the full colour range.

Duratuff Cladding Brochure


* The Vinyl Siding Institute has cut through the green wash and compiled a list of common building products and their associated green aspects, so when you seleect a material for your next product, you can pick a truly green product.

What makes Vinyl Green

Duratuff Green Rating


* Duratuff Vinyl Cladding is recognised as a safe option when choosing a cladding system that is a fire preventative. 

Fire Rating & Performance


Quick Product Guide/Fact Sheet

Duratuff Quick Guide - Product Fact Sheet

Duratech Quick Guide - Product Fact Sheet


* More downloads

Insulation & R-Values

Australian Standards

The Austech Cladding Product Directory

Royal Austech Vinyl Siding Conformance Standards

Royal Certification Fact sheet



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